Intellectual Property

Your bright ideas are crucial to the success of your business so it is crucial that you take steps to protect your intellectual property (IP), to prevent others unfairly benefiting from your creativity and innovations.

By patenting products and processes and documenting ownership of copyright, you can also help to maximise profits from these assets through licensing or “selling” these rights to others.

The UK’s Patent Box tax scheme gives IP protection even greater significance. This regime allows eligible companies to pay corporation tax at ten cent rate on profits arising from qualifying patents and other IP rights, so it is even more important than ever for you to ensure your assets are protected.

Our intellectual property law specialists can provide assistance in protecting your IP assets through agreements covering:

  • confidentiality
  • copyright, patents and trademarks 
  • data protection, ownership and control 
  • design agreements
  • consultant and contractor arrangements.

For more information on our intellectual property legal services for businesses, please contact us.