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G. L. Coles & Son

Alwyn Coles discovered Burton & Dyson in the wake of a disagreement with the law firm he and his family had used for as long as he could remember.

Recommended to him by his accountant, Burton & Dyson was an instant hit with Mr Coles, the director of agricultural contractors, G.L. Coles & Son. He said: “I went along for a consultation with Burton & Dyson, and as soon as I met Peter Bishop, I liked him instantly and have never looked back.”

That was around fifteen years ago and Mr Coles is still more than satisfied with the firm’s service.

He said: “The reason I like Burton & Dyson so much is because I get on with Peter really well, he is my type of guy – simple as that.

“The firm itself is always very efficient and has never given me any problems, and so I have no reason to be anything other than happy with them.”

Mr Coles believes the firm has helped his agricultural business, based in Market Rasen, by being consistently diligent. He said: “They always keep their eye on things and never let anything go wrong. They always do everything properly, which is why I can trust them so much.”

Highly rating the efficiency and competence of Burton & Dyson, Mr Coles said they played an active role in helping him to protect and develop his business. He added: “We don’t use any other law firms at all. We will definitely continue to use Burton & Dyson in the future.”