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Letting Property

Letting out property can be a good source of income and the buy-to-let property sector has experienced substantial growth over recent years

In 2014, research suggested that one in seven mortgages are granted to landlords and that the private rented sector now represents almost one-fifth of the UK’s housing market.

Disputes can sometimes arise in even the best landlord-tenant relationships, so having fast access to expert legal advice is a sensible step for private landlords to help them deal with issues such as the late payment of rent or service charges or a tenant’s failure to comply with the terms of their tenancy agreement.

We are experienced in all areas of landlord and tenant law and offer services including:

  • tenancy agreements: we will advise on the length and type of tenancy, any advisable restrictions and whether to include service charges and utility bills in with the rent, as well as what references to request and how to terminate the tenancy arrangement. We will then draw up a suitable agreement
  • deposit protection service: as a landlord, you are required to protect tenant deposits by placing them in a custodial or insurance scheme. Burton & Dyson is registered to hold deposits on your behalf in a custodial scheme, which avoids the costs of insurance premiums. We will also ensure that the statutory information that you are required to provide to tenants is kept up to date
  • tenancy disputes: we can help settle any disputes by negotiating with tenants, drafting agreements and acting in legal proceedings, if necessary
  • possession proceedings: we can advise on the correct amount of notice to provide and the necessary documentation, as well as acting in court proceedings, if required.

For more information on our property letting legal services, please contact us.