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Probate and Settling an Estate

When someone dies, it is a sad and difficult time for those left behind. Administrative matters, such as probate, can add to family and friends’ worries. That’s where our probate solicitors can help

Probate is the legal process of administering someone’s estate after their death, which is carried out by the people named as executors in a Will, if a Will exists.

Dealing with even quite small estates can create a considerable amount of work which can be challenging for people at an already difficult time. If there is no Will, the situation is even more complex and sometimes probate can lead to disputes, for example if a beneficiary feels that they have been inadequately provided for and decides to challenge a Will.

Our probate specialists can assist if you have been named as an executor or if you need to handle the assets of a person who has died without a Will, known as intestacy.

We can assist you with the following;

  • establishing the exact value of the estate
  • obtaining the grant of probate
  • general administration of the estate
  • distributing the assets to beneficiaries
  • paying any debts and inheritance, income or capital gains tax
  • preparing estate accounts
  • transferring ownership of property
  • administration of trusts.

If we are appointed as the executors, we will deal with the whole estate for you.

We will use our expertise in this specialist field to ease the burden of the probate process, giving you peace of mind that matters are in the hands of professionals who will deal with these matters efficiently and effectively.

We can also help to resolve probate disputes, taking an objective view of the issues and using our professional skills to find practical solutions and satisfactory outcomes.

For more information on our probate services, please contact us.