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Commercial Agreements and Contracts

Well-drafted business agreements are the key to avoiding time-consuming and costly legal disputes

They provide the framework within which you and the other parties involved – such as suppliers, distributors and customers – can work together constructively, while also protecting your commercial interests.

Contracts that do not clearly set out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved can lead to damaging disagreements. Should disputes escalate, the courts will look very closely at the terms of your commercial agreements and you could find that a contract that should have protected you will actually work against you.

We are experienced in preparing commercial agreements and contracts to help you record and regulate your relationships with your key stakeholders. Our expertise includes:

  • joint venture agreements
  • partnership agreements, terms of business and supply agreements
  • agency and distribution agreements
  • tender documentation
  • copyright, licences and know-how agreements

When commercial disputes do arise, our specialists can help you resolve issues and achieve satisfactory outcomes, either through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or through the courts.

For more information on our commercial agreement and contracts legal services for businesses, please contact us.