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Separation Agreements

Some couples separate before considering whether they want to divorce. Separation usually involves living apart, but it is possible to live separately in the same house provided you no longer sleep and eat together or do any domestic chores.

Couples can choose to:

  • live separately and apart without any agreement relating to children, money, property or other issues
  • live separately and apart, putting in place an informal agreement covering issues such as financial arrangements, property and arrangements for children, which may not be legally binding.
  • sign a formal document setting out the terms of the separation, called a deed of separation.

Putting in place a deed of separation will provide evidence of the date of separation, provide for a divorce or dissolution after a two-year period and set out the terms for financial separation.

Although it is not necessarily binding on divorce, to increase the likelihood that its terms are endorsed by the Court on divorce it should be prepared by a solicitor, with both parties represented by a solicitor.

We are experienced in preparing separation agreements and can prepare an agreement tailored to your circumstances. We can also provide ongoing advice through divorce or dissolution to bring your marriage or civil partnership to a formal close.

For more information on our separation agreement services, please contact us.