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Divorce, Finances and Children

Dealing with relationship problems, or any issue affecting your family, can be emotionally draining and even the most amicable divorce or civil partnership dissolution is likely to be difficult and stressful at times

If you are already feeling upset and angry, then worrying about legal proceedings, your financial arrangements and what happens to you – and your children – can be an additional concern.

Seeking legal advice in such situations may seem a daunting step but when you are involved in the breakdown of a relationship – whether it be a marriage, a civil partnership or you live with a long-term partner – working with experienced family lawyers is essential for resolving and protecting your interests and those of any children.

We will deal with the situation with sensitivity and understanding, delivering expert advice to help you make rational, informed decisions and move forward.

We also offer referrals to mediation services, which can be the most family-friendly approach to resolving family law issues, while also providing robust representation in Court if required.

Our divorce lawyers also offer a fixed fee service for uncontested divorces, giving you peace of mind about the legal costs involved.

Areas where we can assist

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