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Limestone Farming

Limestone Farming is a long-established farming company based in Lincolnshire, with two 4,000-acre farms situated just north of Lincoln. The company was founded back in 1936 and is part of a family trust, with the current owners having been involved for at least 30 years.

Limestone has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Burton & Dyson, and Richard Giles, company secretary, goes a little way to explain why. He said: ”Amongst the reasons why we like Burton & Dyson so much is the fact that the people are so approachable. Our questions are always answered promptly, with a clear and concise answer, free of legal jargon or ‘gobbledegook’.”

Richard believes that Burton & Dyson have helped Limestone Farming continue its success in many ways, one of the main factors being their trustworthiness. He said: “We don’t have time to look into all the legal aspects of the business, especially employment issues, and so it is important for us to know that Burton & Dyson are on hand to take care of anything like that, and to be able to offer us sound advice and guidance. I trust Burton & Dyson and the advice they give implicitly.”

When asked if he would recommend the services of Burton & Dyson to anyone else, Richard replied: “I already have!”

He continued: “Another farming company asked me about employment issues and I pointed out how good Burton & Dyson were, and that they should consider consulting them. I would recommend them to anyone and we will definitely continue to use them for as long as I can imagine.”