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Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last Updated April 2022

Our office is open and all our staff are available for face to face or remote meetings.



Burton & Dyson have made significant investments over the years to ensure that our staff can work remotely and that we remain fully functional. Extensive measures are in place to ensure we are able to provide continuity of service while also maintaining security.



For in-person meetings you are advised to book in advance, but we are able accommodate walk in enquiries and requests for witness signatures.

We are also able to accommodate alternatives to face to face meetings, such as telephone conferences or video calling.  Regardless of number of parties involved, we have the technology in place.


Communicating with us

Please consider sending us correspondence by email.  This will be the most efficient way of contacting us.

If you need to drop off hard copy documents at our office, our Reception is open during our usual office hours. For out of hours, please use our post box.


Any questions

If you have you have any concerns, you should get in touch with us on 01427 610761 or email us at