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Here to guide you through uncertain times

As the UK begins the process of leaving the EU – regardless how they voted – many will be wondering what the future holds.

The future for the post-Brexit UK will very much depend on how the negotiations around the UK’s exit from the EU proceed in the coming months and years.

A post-Brexit UK retaining strong ties with the EU, perhaps resembling Norway, would look very different from a post-Brexit UK with weaker ties to the EU.

Most likely for businesses, however, the devil will be in the detail; which elements of EU law will no longer apply? How will businesses be able to change their procedures to take advantage of any reduction in red tape? How will EU laws the UK wishes to retain be enacted into domestic legislation? How will cross-border disputes be dealt with? Will the UK retain any relationship with the European Court of Justice as a consequence of any free-trade agreement? What legal requirements will there be around trade with EU member states?

While the answers to these and the many other questions around Brexit are being determined, we will be working pro-actively on behalf of clients to help plan for any changes in legislation or legal requirements to minimise any disruption to your business.

If you have any questions around how the negotiations will affect you and your business, please contact us.