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‘Client care has always been key’

Solicitors Burton & Dyson has launched a brand new website and re-confirmed the role of its client charter.

The Gainsborough-based firm strives to achieve the highest standards and offer a personal client service that provides care and professionalism at all times. Its client charter sets out exactly what clients can expect from the firm and is based around a recognition that client care and personal service come first.

The charter, which is a reflection of how Burton & Dyson has always conducted itself, states that a client’s first meeting will be in complete confidence with no obligation and that clients will always receive a friendly and courteous service and be treated with the utmost respect.

Furthermore, all calls will be responded to on the day they are received and emails or other correspondence will be handled within 48 hours. Burton & Dyson promises to communicate regularly with its clients and keep them updated on the progress of cases, and emphasises that jargon will not be used and complex matters will be made as simple as possible.

The firm has also pledged that a detailed analysis of fees will be provided and clients will only be charged for what has been agreed in writing.

“We want to be as transparent as possible,” said Kirk Conroy, Business Support Manager. “Client care has always been key to us and our customer charter shapes the way we do business and the way we have always done business. It sets out what we will do for clients and is at the heart of everything we do to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.”

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